It’s finally happening!

It seems like ages ago that I was walking down a frozen William Street in Waterloo thinking about what a week of living local would be like. I stayed up all night wondering if my day-to-day would be different until an idea made it’s way into the forefront of my thoughts. This little idea was like the humble citizen attending their first town hall and timidly walking up to the open mic to ask a question: “What if I got a bunch of people to live local with me? What if businesses gave incentives to people that participated? How much can our community grow when we challenge each other in a fun way?”

Eager me started meeting with influencers, plotting ideas in my graph paper notebooks and dreaming of a week where folks make new friends, meet new businesses and get tattoos that say “I <3 KW” (alright, tattoos not required but you get where I’m going).

So it’s finally here folks! The launch of what I hope will become a yearly event. I invite you to explore this website, read about Live Local KW in the Cord Community Edition, follow @livelocalkw on Twitter and start encouraging your friends, family and neighbours to sign up & participate in this one week challenge. If you’ve got any questions, email livelocalkw[at]

Locally yours,