What does local mean to you?

A week into Live Local KW, I’ve seen a few people stop and perhaps hesitate when they start thinking “… well, what is local?” I hope this doesn’t come as a surprise but I didn’t think of the Live Local KW challenge with the goal of becoming KW’s sorting hat of businesses, deeming them local or not. With the exception of obvious chains, categorizing local businesses is pretty ambiguous! And with that, so is Live Local KW. Some folks might interpret the “eat” part of the challenge as a challenge to only buy and cook foods that have been grown within Waterloo Region. Others might be totally satisfied interpreting “eat” as choosing Ambrosia Pastry chocolates instead of going to Shoppers for a Hershey’s bar but sticking to their favourite supermarket for their essential foods (maybe you’ll consider donating a “toonie for cheating” to Foodlink Waterloo Region). Whatever you decide, that’s cool with us!

In a similar vein, some folks say that they already live pretty locally. Well hey, there’s a challenge in that too. Just ask Juanita Metzger who does so much local living year round that for Live Local KW she’s thinking up new ways to support her community. If you’re in that boat, it’d be great to throw around ideas on other ways we can live local everyday.

At the very core, Live Local KW is a challenge to grow together as a community. I hope it shows us that putting a little extra effort to support our neighbours goes a long way – a more vibrant economy, a friendlier walk in our neighbourhoods and a more thorough knowledge of our communities that will help us make the best decisions for our tomorrows. Whoa, things just got deep… or did they? Live Local KW let’s you decide. Sign up here as a business and here as an individual and don’t forget to spread the word.

Locally yours,