We’re growing!

A big thanks to those who have taken the plunge and committed to eat, shop and play local from September 14-20. Sign ups for Live Local KW are going wonderfully but we need your help to get the word out even further! This week, challenge two people and your favourite local business to join us in a week of #livelocalkw. If they need some motivation, check out our growing list of participating people, it’s truly amazing to see so many folks eager to grow as a community.

On the business side of things, it’s getting exciting:

We started with Ambrosia Pastry (you’re off to a good start when you start with dessert) and have added Bailey’s Local Foods and Vibrant Farms for your cooking needs, The Scone Ladies to accompany your tea (which maybe you purchased at XTEA CO), and Block Three Brewing Company for a nice cold beer to enjoy as you bask in the glow of living local. We also got you a discount at Breadbaron Sandwiches, Kava Bean Commons and Shawerma Plus for when you need to grab a bite out of the house.

If you need to get some new (or new-to-you) clothes Delirium, More Than Half andStylFrugal have joined us and are giving great discounts to Live Local KW participants.

I highly recommend taking a look at our Lifestyle & Etc. side too – so many cool deals there. You can get a free GurglePot from Household China and Gifts (conditions apply) then hop over to Paint by Munzy to grab some art (and ask Laura to teach you the trick to make your GurglePot really gurgle). Stretch out in bliss at Queen Street Yoga and forget about the mess in your life because you can get a free consultation from GK Improvements. Finally, everyone needs buttons and Bayleaf Buttons has free shipping for Live Local KW participants.

Don’t see your favourite local business here? No worries, you can frequent any business you want, but businesses that are signed up with Live Local KW give you discounts when you visit them. Another route you can go? Ask your favourite places to sign up! Remind them that it’s free, they’ll choose if they want to display our logo and they have the freedom of choosing the incentive that works best for them. It’s really a zero-risk deal (say that, it’s like a magic phrase or something).

There’s just under 20 days before we start our challenge and that’s plenty of time for it to grow more. Don’t forget to sign up as a participant or as a business and follow us on Twitter to spread the word.

Locally yours,