Can you play local?

Eating and shopping local are things we think about pretty often but what about playing local? What does that even mean? As you’ve probably gathered by now, we’re not ones to give you a long list to rules and regulations but have you considered how you entertain yourself and your family? There are lots of community groups that offer things to do, often cheaply and that lead to connections within your community. Live Local KW has partnered with Grand Social and SnapdKW to show you a variety of events that are happening in town. On a budget? Stay local and take a book to a park. We’re lucky to have so much green space and hopefully the weather will hold up that week. Here’s a few more ideas for that week:

These are just a few things that I’ll be checking out next week. What about you? Will playing local be easy for you? What are you excited to do? Let us know, @livelocalkw or#livelocalkw.

Locally yours,