ICYMI – Love Letter to You



Read this one with the same opened-mindedness and curiosity you had when you first met Live Local KW. Read it when you don’t fear you’ll miss the bus or your stop. Read this one sitting down.

For the last week, we have decided to take a look into our lives and think about how we’re spending our time, our energy and our money. This alone is an amazing accomplishment. We are actively working together to affect change in our community. To me, this week has especially instigated change in my life in the following ways:

  • I’ve eaten healthier than I have in years. I’ve purchased my food from local farmers and prepared it myself this week. When I’ve grabbed a bite out, I’m supporting businesses that I know I can trust to care about the food they serve.
  • I feel more of a connection with the products I buy. I have a better understanding of their value which reduces unnecessary waste from buying disposable items. I also trust where they come from and feel more comfortable making informed decisions about where I want my money to go.
  • I’ve met so many people. When we know our neighbours and our neighbours know us, we’re held accountable to our decisions. We ensure that we’re engaged to make important decisions that affect our community and better understand the implications of them.
  • I’ve felt unparalleled pride to live in a community where we support each other’s dreams, enthusiastically lend our help to them and enjoy sharing in the rewards of social entrepreneurship.

I invite you to take a few moments today to reflect on your Live Local KW experience and I hope your week is full of insight.

I can’t thank you enough Kitchener-Waterloo (and beyond). To the businesses that took a jump of faith to join in a never-before-heard-of-or-done event, thank you. To theparticipants who committed to trying my wacky idea for a week, thank you. ToKatie Parkes and the Grand Social team, as well as Sean Gilders and SnapKW, thank you SO much for being there in a pinch to show Live Local KW how to play locally. To Juanita Metzger and Hilary Abel, thank you for being so inspiring and reassuring me that KW would back me up. A big thanks too to Matt Smith, photographer and Allison Leonard, graphics wizard. To my family, friends and my trusted life/media consigliere, thank you a million times. You rule. I cry pretty lightly (I am known to cry during a particularly touching tourism promotion video for Colombia), so take this as you may: I am tearing up writing this. I cannot wait to see what we’ll accomplish together for #livelocalkw next year.

Locally yours,