Steel Rails 2015

If you’re one of the lucky 400 people who got to ride Steel Rails last Friday, you’ll know that LiveLocalKW had our very own little room in car four. Here’s a peek at our night.

IMG_2061Above is from the boarding pass and below is what our room looked like pre-boarding. We were going for a bulletin board-type feel and we got everything from local businesses and events. Try to find your favourites!

IMG_2038 IMG_2039 IMG_2040 IMG_2041


And here are some photos courtesy of The Community Edition of the night’s activities:

steelrailsphoto1 steelrailsphoto2

We learned a lot about KW. We learned a bunch of sweet stuff like where you met the loves of your lives or where you bought your first homes. We learned where you’ve had your heart broken and where you’ve had to live with evil cats. We learned about important milestones like where you treated your family for dinner with your first pay cheque or where your businesses first began. Thanks to booze and Steel Rails spirit, we also learned hilarious secrets like where you took it from behind or where you kayaked on shrooms (a tag that was often mentioned when people asked how scandalous their moments could be).

While we meant to sign people up for LiveLocalKW, the spirit of the night took us in another direction and that’s kind of the magic of Steel Rails; you go in expecting one thing and come out with a huge smile on your face anyways. Instead, what we saw was an awesome grassroots celebration of KW, an acknowledgement that our cities act as markers for the moments that change our lives. We think this means we should take better care of our cities and that’s what drives LiveLocalKW.

Thanks to the team at The Community Edition for hosting, inviting us to participate and helping us out pre- and post-event. Thanks to all the businesses that donated their swag for the bulletin board walls and thanks again to Bayleaf Buttons for the pins. A big, big thanks to Laura Munz from Paint by Munzy for materials and keeping us sane (also pre- and post-event).

We’re taking our map on to a few more events if you want to add your moments. We’ll be at Train Station Thursdays on July 9th and 23rd. Stay tuned for more events and news on sign ups. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter in the meantime.