LiveLocalKW Lives On

We’ve just spent the last 3 weeks settling. Waiting for feedback to come in, chatting with friends who participated in the challenge and thinking about what’s next for LiveLocalKW. Here’s what came up:

We were so happy to see LiveLocalKW double this year. Last year, we had 150 people and 45 businesses sign up for our challenge. This year we saw those numbers grow to 315 and 82, respectively. Our social media grew from 800 followers on Twitter to 1600+ and our Facebook page has 250 likes and more than 350 people clicked attending on our Facebook event. We also garnered coverage from 15 different media outlets and bloggers!

With that, we’re confident that LiveLocalKW has a chance to grow so we’re definitely going to be doing it again. Next year, we’ll have a more people working behind the scenes and hopefully that’ll help us reach more people and more businesses. If you’d like to help us out, fill out our feedback surveys (people / business) or drop us a line at

We’re also going to keep the campaign going yearlong with monthly newsletters and regular updates. Sign up for our mailing list here and keep tagging your local adventures with #livelocalkw to highlight our community year round!

Thanks again for all of your support. We do it for you!