LiveLocalKW is a one-week challenge to eat, shop and play local during September 17-23, 2017. People pledge online and participating businesses offer them discounts and incentives for the week. The goal is to grow our sense of community and belonging.

Our mission is to challenge people to think about the roles they play in their city. We envision a connected Region that lives intentionally year-round!

Use the links above to sign up and don’t forget to spread the word!


For Participating Businesses
For Participating People

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For Participating Businesses

Do I have to pay anything?
Nope, it’s completely free.

What does it mean to participate as a business?
You offer a discount or incentive of your choice to LiveLocalKW participants during the week. We’d love it if you help us spread the word and sign up as a participant yourself.

How do I know who’s participating?
We’ll be sending Participating People a special logo as soon as they sign up. They’re encouraged to save it on their phone and display it at point-of-sale. You can decide how strict you want to be about the discount.

The week has started; can I still join?
For sure! Sign up here and get started!

Can I sign up as an individual too?


For Participating People

How will businesses know that I’m participating?
We’ll be sending you a special logo as soon as you sign up. You’re encouraged to save it on your phone and display it at point-of-sale. Businesses are individually responsible for the discount and how they administer it.

Can I only shop at the participating businesses?
If you only want discounts, yes. But you can support other local businesses this week as well. (Tell them about LiveLocalKW while you’re there, pretty please)

Does absolutely everything I do have to be local?
Nope. Shape the challenge to suit your lifestyle, but be honest, ya know? We wrote this blog post for a more in-depth answer.

I already live really local, why should I join the challenge?
Enjoy discounts and incentives from your favourite businesses! You can also think of other ways to step up your game for the week. Or just help us out by showing your support for our initiative.

The week has started; can I still join?
For sure!