** for info only, this is from 2014**

For Participating Businesses
For Participating Peoples

For Participating Businesses

Do I have to pay anything?
Nope! There’s a poster that you can display if you choose to but that’s free too.

What does it mean to participate as a business?
As a business, participating can simply be offering a discount (chosen by you) to offer to Live Local KW participating individuals (also up to you how you administer the discount, see below for more detail). On top of offering a discount your business can participate by displaying our poster, tweeting about us, encouraging your peers, family, friends, neighbours to join the challenge and by signing up to actually Live Local KW for the week of Sept 14-20 yourself.

How do I know who’s participating?
We’ll be sending Participating People a special logo on September 13th, that they can download and display on their phone OR print out. You can decide how strict you want to be about the discount.

The week has started can I still join?
For sure! Feel free to print out the poster and begin the discount as soon as you want.

Can I sign up as an individual too?
Definitely! Join in on the fun.


For Participating People

Can I only shop at the participating businesses?
If you want a discount, yes. But you can support other local businesses this week as well. Maybe you could spread the Live Local KW word to them? That’d be cool.

Does absolutely everything I do have to be local?
It’s up to you! If you want to give it a shot, we’re excited for you. If you need to modify the challenge to your lifestyle, we’re also excited! We wrote this blog post for a more depth answer.

What’s “toonies for cheating” and when do I donate?
We foresee that during the week, there might come a time where you will have no choice but to break your Live Local KW pledge. That’s okay, we still love you. Considering putting aside a toonie this week when you deem that you’ve broken your challenge. Whether you put down a toonie for the whole day or every single time is up to you. On Saturday, September 20 we’ll be at Uptown Square in the morning, just hanging out and collecting your toonies. We’ll then pass them on to Foodlink Waterloo Region as a donation from Live Local KW.

I already live really local, why should I join the challenge?
It’s a fun way to spend your week and if you already do it, what’s the harm? You can also think of other ways to step up your game for the week.

How will businesses know that I’m participating?
We’ll be emailing everyone a special logo on September 13th for you to download and display on your phone (yay enviromentally friendly!) or you can print it out (you gotta do, what you gotta do) to show businesses. Businesses are individually responsible for the discount and how they administer it.

The week has started can I still join?
For sure! We’ll send you the logo at the end of the day that you join the challenge.